This website has been created because I am a grumpy old woman who gets annoyed a lot. 

One of my biggest bugbears is how I see so many home educators (us included) having to re-invent the wheel each time they teach their children. Many run-of-the-mill resources are freely available, such as workbooks and reading schemes, but the real benefits of home education come from the bespoke and creative nature of a home education. However, each bespoke bit takes a huge amounts of time to prepare, so instead of us all creating the same sessions over and over again, it just made more sense to share what someone else has already done, and then build on that.

So that is what this website was made for, to enable resources and sessions to be shared. Think of it as ‘pimp my sessions’. Use them, add to them, adapt them, or just take inspiration from them and go off and create something better. Use them on your own or in groups. Whatever works best for you. Don’t use them at all if they’re not your thing. There is no right and wrong way to do it. Just do as you see fit.


If you share the ideals that this website holds, or you want to give back to the people who shared the sessions and information within this site with you, share your own sessions, recommendations, resources and articles too. They don’t have to be polished or professional, lengthy or insightful, sometimes it is just the sharing of a link that makes all the difference to others. Sometimes it can be as little as asking a question or requesting information, so that others can answer it and share that with all the others who didn’t realise that they even wanted to know it until it became available. 

As home educators we are stumbling about in the dark on a path less travelled, just hoping we are going in the right direction. We are all learning on the job and making our own mistakes as we go (they’re always so much more palatable than everyone else’s). But, in my experience, that journey has been made so much easier and more joyous by working with others. This website has only been made possible because others feel the same.