Earth Sciences: Lithosphere Practicals

For all ages. We have used these in 6-9 year olds geography groups right up to Environmental Management and Geography GCSE. Great for anyone who just wants to learn about the world in a more hands-on way.

These practicals are all centred around the lithosphere – the ridged outer part of the Earth, consisting on the crust and upper mantle.

This list will slowly be added to as I make my notes more user friendly for others, but this is what we have got so far…

The Rock Cycle

Obviously, the only way to look at the rock cycle is through chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate…


The Rock Cycle – Sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous – Learning made fun (6.36) (The presenter is pretty annoying, but it is a good video for all ages nevertheless.)

Rock to Clay

Looking at how rock particles get weathered down into smaller and smaller pieces until you end up with clay.


Erosion and Weathering: Earth Time Lapse (3.13): (If you watch nothing else, watch this one. It’s lovely and makes a fantastic discussion stimulus.

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed? (4.29): (Really enjoyed this one. Great for all ages.)

Soil Horizons

Looking at how the earth beneath our feet is built up in layers.

Even my 18 year old who said, “I would rather die than have a career in science,” will join in with this one every time we have done it.


Brief History – The Dust Bowl (4.04)

Living Soil Film (1.00.22) (Probably one for the older student (GCSE level) or those who are really, really interested in soil and farming.)

Desertification – A visual disaster (4.22)

General Links:

Crash Course Earth Sciences:

A Brief History of Geologic Time (12.07): (Not bad, but possibly a little boring for the young ones.)

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  1. We did the soil layers with another family this week and we all enjoyed it. Thank you so much for writing it all up for us to use.

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