Business Studies Key Terms Cards

These cards were compiled to help with revision for the CAIE (0986) Business Studies IGCSE, and follows the Fisher et al 2016 and the Borrington and Stimpson Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Coursebooks.

These cards were put together for the 2018 summer exams, but I’ve come back to them with my youngest for the 2022 summer exams.

Once we have gone through the entire course book, we use them by grouping the cards and putting them on a sheet of A1 in a configuration that makes sense to us – I always think of them like supermarket aisles, but you could equally do a mind map or similar. We then go through each card checking that my off-spring has fully understood each concept and discuss any blanks in knowledge.

By having the cards grouped, it helps them to visualise what concepts should always be thought of together, e.g. quality and lean production.

We then go on to use them when marking past papers, helping them pick out which cards would be relevant for the answer and what they could have put in the answer to maximise marks.

We also take the cards out of their specific chapter groupings to make larger mind maps or chains of thinking, e.g. expansion → (increase) market share → economies of scale → (reduced) variable/fixed/total costs → (higher) profit

Finally, I leave my child to try and memorise exact definitions for terms that come up in the 1 and 2 mark questions.

The cards are in the files below, followed by how to make them, and then pictures of how we grouped ours together – just in case you are looking for inspiration.

To Make:

  • Print out. (You may need to change the scale, depending on your computer. On mine the scale needs to be about 77% to fill an A4 sheet.)
  • Cut through the middle along the shortest length (there should be five card names and their definitions/accompanying text on each half).
  • Fold each half in half again, along the longest length, so that the card names are all on one side and the accompanying text is on the back.
  • Stick the two sides together and cut so that each card is separate from the other four.
  • Laminate if you think they are going to get heavy use, or just use as is.

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