Geography IGCSE Case Study Cards

These cards were created in 2019 to support revision for the CAIE Cambridge IGCSE Geography (9-1) (0976) exam, but also have a lot of crossover with the CAIE Environmental Management IGCSE.

They include case studies for theme 1: population and settlement, theme 2: the natural environment, theme 3: economic development, and cards to help with answering the geographical enquiry section of the exam.

Some of the case studies can also be quite helpful for illustrating aspects of the IGCSE Environmental Management and IGCSE Development Studies syllabuses.

Apologies. They were written in haste just before the exams, so have quite a few spelling mistakes/typos etc. that I haven’t yet made time to remove. One day…

To make:

  • Print out cards
  • Cut in half along the longest length
  • Fold in half along the shortest length.
  • Most cards can be stuck back to back, but in order to get the cards in a preferred order, you might want to cut some cards along the line you have just folded and either leave a few ‘backless’ or stuck to a different ‘other side’. (Sorry, I don’t know how to describe that any better.)
  • Laminate the cards for extra strength (or paper printouts onto card).
  • Make a single hole punch in the top right-hand corner, and either put the cards on a large key ring or break up into themes and use split pins/butterfly clips.

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