Timetables and To Do Lists

Weekly print outs that can be used for those that like to plan, are flirting with the idea of planning, or for those that really, really need to plan, but have so far put it off – like my son.

Having had summer exams cancelled, my 15 year old has kind of lost the plot work wise. So, as a last, desperate bid to get him focused again, I drew up a couple of organisational props for him.

They are still a work in progress, so please do comment if you think they could be improved in any way.

The time table is so that my son can see exactly what he is doing every day, and help him divide up his time between past papers, revision and Football Manager more productively.

I’m also trying them out with my younger one too, so that he can see just how much time he does have not working.

The To Do List is to help son 1 understand the idea of making his own goals and prioritising those things, so that he doesn’t lose yet another day to faffing around.

Happy planning!

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